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The Perfect Place to Start Your Book Collection

Kick back and relax with a good story by shopping with us for the perfect book. Explore the amazing selection of rare incunabula, manuscripts, books, and ephemera available from Calix Books. You can begin your book collection by choosing from the vast variety of books from a number of categories. Whether you have an interest in religion and philosophy or early Americana, you can find it in our collection of books. Contact us with any questions or to learn more about our titles.

Memoirs of James and William Dukes of Hamilton, Book Collection
An Historical Vindication of the Divine Right of Tithes, Book Collection
Polycronycon by Higden, Ranulphus, Book Collection
Illustration from an Antique Book, Book Collection
Engraving From The Koberger Bible Volume 3 with Tudor Roses

Our Bookstore Carries Endless Genres

There is nothing like unwinding after a long day with your favorite book. When you are always searching for something exciting to read, turn to our bookstore for rare titles and classic genres. We feature a full collection of great stories that make the perfect addition to your book collection.

Whether you are a fan of history or art-themed works, we have a title you are sure to treasure. Our collection of books includes the following genres and unique editions:

Early Americana

Celebrate the history of the United States when you choose our early Americana collection of books. We have titles that are sure to thrill any history buff. These titles are designed to educate and inspire readers everywhere.

Our collection of early Americana books was published in the United States and includes a variety of topics, such as government, war, politics, religion, science, medicine, and American history. These also include biographies and other items of interest to the Americana book collector. Please note that this publication only includes works from the United States of America.

American Ephemera

In our collection of early American ephemera, we place emphasis on pre-1800 materials, including letters and other items up to and including the Civil War. We also hold government publications, such as acts of the presidents, the House of Representatives, and the Senate. Our private publications concern current events or are centered around early sermons about current topics. Readers will also enjoy access to letters and other pieces of ephemera from the era of the American Revolution.

British Books

Classic British titles can be found at our bookstore. Our shelves are stocked with a series of different subjects from noted names in British history. We have a large selection of Early British printed books, including black letterpress books that were printed prior to 1600. Some of the fascinating topics available in our store include poetry, science, law, religion, travel, and government. We also have an excellent collection of natural history books, documenting British explorers' travels and collection of species from around the world. Whether you are looking to expand your collection or you are searching for specific rare book titles, we have something to fit your tastes.

Contact us to shop with us for your new books. We feature a full variety of titles from countless genres for purchase.